Practical Solution For Energy-Efficient HVAC Installations
Back 09/16/2020

The installation of air and electrical systems is usually installed in each building. Not only in large scale office buildings, the housing sector also has a system that is often called HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). This system is made to regulate the thermal and air quality in certain space.

In the installation process, this HVAC installation must be planned carefully. For example, if the AC capacity in a room is not precisely determined then the desired cold conditions in the room will not be fulfilled



Therefore, the Isover Climaver system from Saint Gobain can be the solution you need for this problem. This system is a practical solution for HVAC installations. Not only does it increase thermal and acoustic comfort for residents, this solution can also maximize energy efficiency at the same time.

Compared to conventional systems, Isover Climaver from Saint Gobain is better in HVAC installations. The fabrication process in the Climaver system can produce precise connections with very little chance of leakage. So that the HVAC system has better performance and also energy efficient.


In addition, as an alternative product designed to replace conventional air duct systems (insulated metal panels), Isover Climaver provides the advantage in terms of faster installation time so as to save costs with minimal waste material. In short, the Isover Climaver system from Saint Gobain has the advantage of time-saving, space-saving and cost-effective.


Below are the advantages of Isover Climaver over conventional systems in terms of energy efficiency:


  1. AC lines can affect energy efficiency in air conditioning systems through 2 factors, namely thermal insulation and airtight.
  2. Isover Climaver is made from high density glasswool boards. With standardized fabrication methods, Isover Climaver can provide constant and maximum thermal insulation performance on all sides and angles of AC (air conditioner) lines
  3. Climaver has a Class D certificate for air-tight performance (EN 13403). Resistance to air leaks that is much better than AC line materials in general.
  4. With this performance, Isover Climaver is able to bring significant energy savings and can reduce energy loss from the AC system up to 9 times *


* Energy loss savings vary depending on the AC system in the room.