Multi Comfort from Saint Gobain “Providing Comfort while also aiming to Minimize Environmental Impact”
Back 04/23/2020

It is undeniable that the world now is currently experiencing an emergency situation related to climate change and global warming. Thus, in order for this matter to not get any worse, everyone should play a role in improving this condition, including Saint-Gobain. As a manufacturer in the field of architecture and interiors, Saint-Gobain through its flagship brands under the umbrella of its Multi Comfort program, always produces and distributes products and solutions in order to protect the lives of everyone and also the environment from the dangers of climate change.

The idea of Multi Comfort construction has been developed by Saint-Gobain since 2004. This is a big program that covers all aspects that contribute to the comfort of living in both houses and buildings. This is also one of the ways Saint-Gobain has done to bring prosperity for everyone while also preparing for a better future for earth.

Saint-Gobain's Multi Comfort concept not only focuses on comfort, but also has an important goal to minimize the environmental impact. There are five focuses of the Multi Comfort program, namely:

  1. Thermal Comfort and Energy Performance

Saint-Gobain focuses on providing products and solutions for both houses and buildings to get comfortable temperatures throughout the year and to minimize energy consumption.

  1. Health Comfort

Health is the second factor that Saint-Gobain thinks about. These points are included in terms of improving air quality in the room. If the air in the room is good, then the person occupying the building will be healthy.

  1. Acoustic Comfort

This is to reduce noise problems that can occur both in the interior and exterior of buildings.

  1. Visual Comfort

Visual meant in this case is to utilize natural lighting so that it can enter the house. Natural lighting can provide a sense of comfort to residents of the house while giving the impression of aesthetically beautiful.

  1. Modular Comfort and Safety

This function is to facilitate accessibility and to encourage the creation of modular spaces in buildings that are safe and comfortable.


The optimal combination of these five comfort factors above can provide a pleasant space for living, working and learning for the residents of the house.