MU-Weber Top Brand Award
Back 06/20/2016

As a main component of a construction, the cement we’re going to use must clearly qualified. Followed by the needs and considerations of efficiency when building the project, we need a solution that is fast, practical, but quality is consistentlymaintained.

This solution is what PT Cipta Mortar Utama provide through Mortar Utamainstant cement products, aside from practical, Mortar Utamainstant cement is easy to apply, saves time, and it also saves costs because it no longer require any additional components in the process of application.

This kind of innovation and consistency that brought PT Cipta Mortar Utama won the Top Brand in 2016 for the fifth time in the category of instant cement. Top Brand is a tribute to the most recognized brands in each category. Top Brand valuation basis is a survey of 14 thousand respondents from 15 cities in Indonesia. By achieved this award it strengthen Mortar Utama as the pioneer of instant cement in Indonesia.